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Purple Kush is a 100% indica strain which results in a short and dense marijuana plant with compact but heavy buds. Auto Purple Gorilla gives off a delicious citrus aroma with earthy notes as well as some fruity flavours. Gorilla Glue #4 is a beastly strain with a profound positive impact on both the mind and the body if enjoyed in moderation. sativa. $156. 50) 20 seeds ($207. She's an Indica-dominant mix of the world's most highly sought-after strains from this family and does not need cold air or special nutrients to get her gem-like gleam. This highly potent strain is known as Cookies Kush. Today, cannabis consumers and retailers refer to Girl Scout Cookies by its acronym, GSC. Royal Gorilla probably isn’t a strain that you would choose for its yields, which are rather moderate. The buds are extremely sticky thanks to the generous covering of trichomes, which are cloudy to The mother strain, Gorilla Glue #4, came in first in 2014 at the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup and Michigan Cannabis Cup. black piss (cat piss x purple mazar kush) blue dream kush (bd x red mazar kush) blue cheese bubba kush cat piss cheese cheese cake chem dawg cherry larry chocolate hash berry chocolate kush cinderella 99 critical og dead head og do si do fire og girl scout cookies gorilla glue 4 grand daddy purple grapefruit herrijuana holy grail og kandy kush A hybrid strain often characterized by a purple hue and long fiery red hairs. Gorilla Glue Strain Snapshot Strain Name Gorilla Glue Strain Other Common Names Gorilla Glue Weed, Original Glue, Gorilla Glue #4 THC Content 25-30% CBD Content 0. The growing popularity of purple weed has seen it become a mainstay in medical dispensaries across the US with patients opting for the attractive buds of strains like Purple Haze ahead of more classic weed strains. Gorilla Butter plant is medium to large with Large yields. DISCONTINUED. 8 – 9 weeks indoors, mid to late Effects. Feminized Gorilla Glue #4 Seeds. 1% Origin / Lineage Chem’s Sister x Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel Type Hybrid Genetics 50% Indica, 50% Sativa Aroma & Flavor Earthy, Coffee, Pine, P Royal Gorilla cannabis strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid created by Royal Queen. 707-SFV Gorilla Cookies 98 White Widow A-Dub A-Train Aberdeen ACDC Acid Afcrack Afghan Diesel Purple Gorilla Purple Ice Purple Jack Purple Paralysis Elev8 Seeds’ mission is simple: to provide the best genetics in seed form to those that know the value of world-class genetics. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, notebooks and windows. San Francisco’s The Cookie Co 415 brings world-class genetics from the Cookies line to locals and visitors alike with Purple GSC. . If you are searching for information about the unknown / legendary Purple Gorilla, check out our Basic Infos, Lineage / Genealogy or Hybrids / Crossbreeds for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information - or list all Gorilla Zkittlez: When Potent And Fruity Genetics Combine. One interesting detail about this strain is that if they are grown in a cooler climate their buds turn a light shade of purple and develop a dense layer of crystals! Feeding Girl Scout Cookies Plants Blue Bubble Gum Caper (Blue Cheese Cotton Candy Bubblegum x Purple Caper) Purple Cookies (Cookie F2 x Purple Caper) Grand Caper (Grandaddy (BX) x Purple Caper) Purple Zkittles (Zkittles x Purple Caper) Fire Lady Father – (Fire Lady F1 x Purple Caper F2) Best male of 50. creative. 00) 30 seeds ($310. This perfect cross matures and finishes in 9-10 weeks. I pollinated my Purple Gorilla Cookies female with a SFV OG male to add the twist and make it a monster bush. The only parent that is certain in the lineage of this marijuana is the Purple Rain Forest strain. Each cannabis nursery has a unique Strain Menu to provide the widest range of strains for medical marijuana patients in Michigan. Created from a blend of three strains, Chem’s Sister, Chocolate Diesel and Sour Dubb. Its lineage is Chem Sis x Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel and the Gorilla Glue #4 Pheno is a favourite among smokers because of its enhanced fruity taste. This bud packs a crazy powerful high that leaves you feeling like your mind is filled with glue, all fueled by RELATED STRAINS: Girl Scout Cookies, Sundae Driver. Gorilla Glue 4 strain reviews have been consistently positive. Animal Cookies has definite bag appeal due to its multicolored flowers and complex sweet-sour scent. The Gorilla Glue 4 strain won 1st place in the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. By breeding Larry OG with Granddaddy Purple, the astonishing trichome laden Purple Punch was born, smelling of grape candy, blueberry muffins, and tart Kool-Aid. Purple Cookies also offers a well-balanced high that eventually teeters towards relaxation and sleepiness. With parental lineage consisting of Purple Thai and Haze, this Sativa dominant strain promotes creativity and bliss among its users. It has a THC level of 19% and is known for its tantalizing sour grape aroma with ac-cents of earthy, woody, herbal spice. However, don't let the yummy tones fool you, as this strain also packs a sour punch with diesel flavor that stays in your mouth long after you're through. It quickly conquered growers with the exceptionally high-quality of its flowers. The word cannabis, or the “two-dog-plant” according to the Mali, is a combination of the words canna , or canine (dog), and bis or bi, signifying the number two because Sirius is the Purple Lemonade; arising from a meticulous cross between purple and citrus Cali genetics with our own autoflowering genetics, making this Indica leaning hybrid our most advanced purple genetic yet. Gorilla Bomb will reward careful cultivation with the best harvests it can offer, making this one strain it is worth going the extra mile for. When this beast entered a cannabinoid testing lab, it showed results of approximately 24% THC. Animal Cookies was bred by Canadian seed bank BC Bud Depot. Purple Kush Feminized smell a bit dank, just like other Kush strains do. Still, no strain can beat it. Type: Indica Dominate. Purple Punch is a feminized, Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain from Barney’s Farm which yields as much as 700 g/m 2 after a relatively short 9 weeks of flower. Emperor Cookie Dough. 00 $2,864. Two hybrid strains, that allow their Indica genetics to alleviate those aches and pains. Witness the power from this Indica dominant superhero of a strain, created by the careful fusion of two eclectic cannabis superstars. This is an 8-9 week flowering strain. Both strains have excellent attributes and toward the Classification: Indica (60%)/Sativa (40%) Growing Environment: Indoor/outdoor Garden Skills: Intermediate Flowering Time: 7 - 8 weeks Yield: Heavy to very heavy Medical Uses: Insomnia, migraines, pain relief, muscle spasms, nausea The only known parent of Purple Gorilla is its mother, Purple Rain Forest. Let me know if you find her in the Bay Area. bud is a must try! Gorilla Cookies es un híbrido entre la marihuana Monster Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies x Grandaddy Purple) y la marihuana Gorilla Glue #4, uniendo lo mejor de estas dos super genéticas indicas para conseguir una planta impresionante. This item is Best Seller in following categories: #3 Best Seller in Indica. Sunrise - Remedy. This strain is LOUD! Purple Gorilla flowers smell of fresh earth and an array of berries, and its smoke tastes of sweet grapes picked right off the vine. . - cambodian lr x ice - indica crater lake - super silver haze x oregon huckleberry . Bianca - Canna-Tsu. Last year, Gorilla Glue #4, Critical Kush, Candyland, and ACDC were among containing the word "Cookies," thanks to the Girl Scout Cookie hype. Pineapple Punch. Breeder: Purple Caper Seeds; Type: Indica Dominant; Genetics: Gelato #45 x Gorilla  Cookie Glue is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through crossing the classic Girl Scout Cookies with the infamous Gorilla Glue  27 Jul 2016 The popular Girl Scout Cookie strain is known for its potency while the underground Purple Gorilla strain is known for having a heavy yield  Buy the cannabis seed Auto Purple Gorilla Feminised Cannabis Seed | Short Stuff Yields for the strain can range from 2-3 ounces per plant (60-90g) in a basic  Auto Purple Gorilla is a hybrid cross between Auto Gorilla OG and Auto Purple Amnesia, two of the biggest yielding strains produced by ShortStuff Seeds. General Strain Information. Gorilla Glue # 4 has everything a grower wants, quick flowering time, large yields, and resistance to fungi and pests. Looking for Seeds? Visit Dr. Also, a night time favorite with a heavier dose. Citrus. Gorilla Cookies is a hybrid cannabis strain. When it does take hold though, it doesn’t hold back, sometimes temporarily disorienting smokers with its force. There are many who believe that its second parent is the one and only Grand Daddy Purps , but we cannot be certain due to a general lack of information about Purple Cookie cannabis strain is a rare hybrid that is evenly balanced. Forget about the euphoria and relaxation it creates. Black Gorilla is a hybrid of Gorilla Glue #4 (a potent strain in itself) and Bright Berry Fruity Pebbles gets its kick from some well-known progenitors: Granddaddy Purple, Tahoe Alien,  This Cookies strain is one of the strongest yet. Growing Gorilla Butter Marijuana Has Medical Benefits. Veganic Platinum Girl Scout Cookies Strain Effects. This strain is a marijuana MOAB (mother of all buds) that devastates every stoner upon combustion. Animal Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4 are it’s parent strains, creating a zoo of an experience in its diversity. Green Crack (Cecil B. pdx. $895. Rare phenos have a grape berry smell and will start to turn purple the last couple weeks. Gorilla Glue Weed. While we can’t be sure of its lineage, it is known for its potency and relief of pain, insomnia, migraines, and muscle spasms. They might look a little girlie, but these cannabis seeds are real workhorses! Mar 29, 2018 · Despite its name, Gorilla Cookies isn’t a strain intended for simian consumption. The pungent Gorilla Glue aroma is loud, but Thin Mint’s exotic terpene profile adds nuance to the bouquet. Gram – $ 12 USD Two Grams – $ 24 USD Eighth – $ 35 USD Quarter – $ 70 USD Half – $ 130 USD The top effects of the Gorilla Glue #4 marijuana strain are: Animal Cookies Batman OG Cookies and Cream LSD Mango Kush G13 Grape Ape White Widow Super Silver Haze Granddaddy Purple Jack Herer Whatever its parentage, this strain is known for being easy to grow. Gorilla Glue 4 is the original version of the Gorilla Glue #1. Therefore, this one is not to be missed. Thus, (the strain formerly known as) Gorilla Glue #4 became GG4 or Original Glue, GG5 became New Glue, and GG1 became Sister Glue. This strain was further mixed with Chocolate Diesel to develop Royal Gorilla, an epic cannabis cultivar. It’s Gorilla Glue #4, now known as Original Glue or GG4. an unknown / legendary cannabis strain. 80. 00. Gorilla Glue is widely used to treat physical conditions like nausea, insomnia, migraines, and arthritis while it’s also helpful at relieving stress, anxiety, and depression. Blueberry Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between two celebrity strains, Platinum Girl Cookies and Blueberry Diesel. Can't find your favourite strain? Request a Strain. Platinum Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid 60% indica to 40% sativa and the high is intense, especially for newbie smokers. The strain shares a name with popular brand Gorilla Glue an adhesive and this even led to some legal tussles. The highly unique and delicious taste will coat the inside of your mouth. 4 sizes available. PARENT STRAIN INFO: Lava Cake strain is a cross between Grape Pie, a delicious and colorful indica, and the legendary Thin Mint Cookies. The exact heredity is something of a mystery, but it probably carries genes that descend from the original Mendo Purple Gorilla’s high typically creeps up over the course of several minutes. Our decision at Elev8 Seeds to carry a strain depends on whether we believe that strain to be a definite “keeper”. CT Pharmaceutical Solutions (CPS) Albroven - Durban Poison x Creme de la Chem. In Connecticut, the naming of medicinal marijuana strains can get confusing, especially when the strain names are different from what everyone calls them. The second parent is an award-winning strain called Zkittlez. Spicy. Chemdog lovers will rejoice over these seeds. This strain produces dense, frosty green buds with purple tips. Purple Skunk is actually a sativa dominant hybrid that combines Skunk #1 genetics with a classically purple strain to give it its color. This hybrid is said to have originated on the Californian coast, and has since taken the industry by storm due to its high-yielding and medicinal persona Gorilla Cookies marijuana strain is a Sativa dominant marijuana hybrid. Any purveyor of GG Strain’s products must also do the same. There are many who believe that its second parent is the one and only Grand Daddy Purps, but we cannot be certain due to a general lack of information about its Auto Purple Gorilla gives off a delicious citrus aroma with earthy notes as well as some fruity flavours. Gorilla Cookies. 6% THC. Originating in British Columbia, Canada, this B. C. THC 17,74%. 50) 80 seeds ($828. The buds are small and dense, with a nice layer of resin. The buzz begins with warm and fuzzy waves surging throughout the body. Expert Seeds Gorilla Cookies aka GG #4 x Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds A combo of Gorrilla Glue and an elite Cookie Wreck clone. Glookies from Barney’s Farm is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with an all-star genetic lineage. Although it is slightly Sativa dominant, the fact that it is 40% Indica keeps its height in check. Genetics: GSC x Fire OG. Purple Gorilla – the Strain of the day. Strain stickers featuring millions of original designs created by independent artists. A niche fan favorite. Gamilane (H) Theraplant Gamilane (H) Aj's Sour Diesel x The White . Gorilla Glue and The Original Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies need no introduction. Super powerful and sticky, the buds grown from these seeds will leave you “glued” to the couch for hours. Zookies, originally bred by Alien Labs, is a strain named with its heritage in mind. Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid. The Cookies Family genetics have been getting a lot of attention in the cannabis industry as of late for their big collaborations and national expansions i nto states like Washington . Both parents were bred for potency and that shows in the resin-coated buds that harden like stones after curing. Her cultivation stats read like every grower’s wish list. Thin Mint Cookies strain is a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies or a lookalike with similar properties. Mar 28, 2018 · PURPLE GORILLA SUPA FIREEE 🔥 What Marine Recruits Go Through In Boot Camp - Earning The Title - Making Marines on Parris Island - Duration: 25:36. Replacement within 30 days. Description: Animal Cookies is the child of Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG, and is also known as Animal Crackers. Due to  20 Mar 2019 Where can you buy Gorilla Cookies Strain weed? The buds are tinged in purple by a few nights of overnight lows, bringing out the healthy  10 Feb 2017 With so many strains in dispensaries, it's hard to say what weed you should buy. Description: This is a cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Blue Dream. Purple Space Cookies. GGG is known for it’s calming effects on the body and the slight euphoric cerebral effects. Not to be outdone by it’s parents, this strain packs a punch with a high THC content that might be too much to handle for novice smokers. Gorilla Glue is a popular American strain originally created by GG strains. When we saw the Tangerine Cookies lab reports from Elev8 showing 5. In generic terms, you should keep your GG4 strain at temperatures of between 68 and 85-degrees Fahrenheit. This shit is so dank – the smell is so dank and loud I can smell it a room away. Genetics. 10 seeds ($103. Be it for personal consumption or medical use, choosing this strain is a sure winner. Choose A Nursery Near You. This weed is suitable for most users due to moderate THC levels. Gorilla Cookies Weed Cannabis Best Coffeeshop Amsterdam Best Friends  Gorilla Goo is a potent Sativa-dominant Hybrid. The potency of this strain gives the consumer a one-two punch to the head and You must be 21 years old to visit our website. Be prepared for a good, hearty cough on this one because you are definitely going to choke a smile. Cherry Gorilla Marijuana online,known as “Cherry Gorilla Glue,” is a rare balance hybrid   28 Mar 2018 The baseline scent of Gorilla Cookies is vomit. For each strain, we've documented its history, genetic background, appearance, aroma, unique qualities and flavor. Heard the Purple Gorilla is a clone-only strain now but I would love to cross paths with my long lost relative. Strawberry Banana. Gorilla Cookies is an absolute beast of a cannabis strain. Lineage/Genetics: Likely descended from Mendocino Purps. This cross of Gorilla Glue and Purple Punch will produce new phenotypes that grab your attention with great yields, amazing flavors and aromas, and a great effect that will keep you coming back. You have been warned! Some Phenos Go Bright Purple; All Are Resin Drenched & Extract Friendly! The popular Girl Scout Cookie strain is known for its potency while the underground Purple Gorilla strain is known for having a heavy yield which is the reason  xperience synergy with xtra laboratories in-house formulated strain specific terpene profiles modeled after real world genetics to produce true effects. It originates from: Afghanistan, Colombia, India, Mexico, South Africa, and Thailand. There is also the phenotype Gorilla Glue #1, which is instead an indica leaning plant. Purple Gorilla Strain Review. Purple Cookies is a rare evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain crated through crossing the classic Girl Scout Cookies strain with an unknown member of the Purple family. We’ve put together a database of the DCP approved strain names and matched it up to a strain Gorilla Glue #4 Gorilla Glue #4 is an excellent clone only hybrid cross of Sour Dubb, Chemdawg’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel. Guaranteed Germination. 87% THC, we knew that we absolutely had to acquire it and this strain did not disappoint! A terp-tastic trichome-storm of rock hard nuggets with surprising heavy yields, the Tangie Cookies combines the sweet citrus flavors of the Tangie with the face-melting Grease Monkey, Gorilla Glue#4 x Cookies and Cream, is a heavy Indica fueled body buzz. By breeding Larry OG with Granddaddy Purple, the astonishing trichome laden Purple Punch was born, smelling of grape candy, blueberry muffins, and Gorilla Cookies cannabis strain by Unknown Breeder - Unknown Genetics: reports, photos, and genetics. Find out what's best for you and by how much! View parent(s), flavors, effects, medicals and negatives information about each strain all in one page. The result is a multi-colored and heavily perfumed bud that’s brimming with bag appeal. A cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Durban Poison tends to feature dense and crystal buds. The sativa has reportedly birthed Flo, Chemdawg 91 and Purple Haze, among others. Animal Cookies is the child of the legendary hybrid marijuana strains Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG, then crossed with Purple Punch, the sweet and sedating union of two indica-dominant classics. Purple Honduras Haze brings in 600 g/m 2 after an 11-week flowering directly as a result of her pure-Sativa genetic lineage. Glue Dream General Strain Information. Here is the review (Originally posted in 2017) This sample of Gorilla Glue #4 has been grown organically. It was developed by BC Bud Depot. 00) 70 seeds ($724. The bold, multicolored flowers are visually appealing. We also Offer Free Edibles +1-831-290-0057 Greenpoint Seeds now offers the best Gorilla Glue hybrid seeds on the market, making the flavor and potency of the GG4 strain available worldwide. Mar 21, 2020 · February 28, 2020 March 21, 2020 pdxstoneman 0 Comments animal cookies, crystal cookies, high noon cultivation, In House Genetics, platinum gsc, tetra cannabis In the latest episode of “Thomas Smokes a lot Of @high_noon_cult Bud”, this Crystal Cookies from @tetra. The beautiful purple leaves full of resin makes is a wonderful marijuana plant to grow. Gorilla Glue   28 Mar 2018 Gorilla Cookies is a high-powered Sativa-heavy hybrid with an exotic taste and very promising therapeutic effects. 00 $716. Guaranteed Delivery. Hybrid. It is descended from: Gorilla Glue # 4; Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies Oct 19, 2017 · What Marine Recruits Go Through In Boot Camp - Earning The Title - Making Marines on Parris Island - Duration: 25:36. High Times also awarded the mother strain the Jamaican World Cup! Simply put, this is great stuff from good stock! Growing Gorilla Glue Seeds. With a piney, lemon aroma reminiscent of diesel and skunk, Venom OG will have you calm and relaxed. Grand Daddy Purple (Purple Urkle x Big Bud) – Indica – 55 days – clone-only. The pungent Gorilla Glue aroma is loud, but Purple Gorilla, named for its violet, oversized buds, is an indica-dominant strain that originated in the Bay Area of California. Bred from Gorilla Glue #4 and Thin Mint, this herb inspires euphoric high that’s only a little on the drowsy side. Winner of the 2015 Denver Cannabis Cup for US Hybrid with the most THC. Genetics : Granddaddy x OG x Durban Poison Notes: The seminal West Coast Strain  22 Nov 2019 Gorilla Cookies is a sweet hybrid is grown by LA Weeds and comes in at a whopping 27. Our strain  Hybrid Strains: Space Queen, Chiesel, Blue Crack, Purple Gorilla, Purple Arrow, LA Women, Blue Moon Rocks, Apple Jack, Orange Pineapple and more. Its aroma is very similar to the Gorilla Glue #4, with that tell-tale hint of OG that will hit you deep in the lungs. Patients who are looking for a fast-acting, low potency strain to help treat depression and PTSD will be very happy with Purple Gorilla. The effect of this strain is not for the fainthearted or the first timer with its very fast all-encompassing stoned effect that can last for several hours. Type: Hybrid Finish: 9–10 wks. Novice growers and experts alike will love the fact that this strain demands very little in the way of care and attention and will still produce abundant yields of high-quality weed. Here you can find all info about the unknown / legendary cannabis variety Purple Gorilla. It’s a cross of Blue Cookies and Purple Kush—two […] With colossal potency levels of THC and incredible flavors it's no wonder Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most popular marijuana strains available on the planet today. It emerged from the Oakland area of California in one of the oldest legal medical marijuana areas of the United States known as “Oaksterdam”. This cross of Gorilla and Cookie Wreck boasts THC percentages in the mid 20s! Gorilla Cookies Strain is a cross between Gorilla Glue and an elite Cookie Wreck clone. Gorgeous as a work of natural art, flecked with purple and orange adrift in a sea of concentrated crystals, the Girl Scout Cookies weed strain poses a serious threat to the formidable Gorilla Glue. While we can’t be sure of its lineage, it is known for its The sativa/indica ratio of this sweet, fruity strain is roughly 40:60, making it a good choice for treating insomnia, pain, migraine headaches, and muscle spasms, among other problems. 50) 40 seeds ($414. The focus on this strain is the quality of the bud, rather than the quantity. This hybrid cross of Jack Herer and G13 Haze induces unencumbered cerebral effects perfect for stimulating creativity and conversation. Gorilla Glue Strain For Sale, Order Gorilla Glue Strain In Our Weed Shop, Get an Overnight Shipping For all 50 States & Canada. One hit off of this strain will knock you right into the couch with a fuzzy sensation in the head mixed with euphoria. 00 $100. Genetics: OG Kush (x) Granddaddy Purple (x) Durban Poison Strain: Mostly Indica Hybrid Flowering Time: 9 Weeks Height: Tall Yield: Average. Gorilla Glue strain is derived from three parent strains of Sour Dub, Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel. bud is a must try! With Gorilla Glue #4, you have one of the most potent weed strains ever, so it is imperative to get the temperature and humidity settings correct. 23 or more ounces per plant. Until now only available in clone form, Purple Kush is one of the most popular strains available in Californian dispensaries. A good strain to grow outdoor in, especially in Mediterranean climates. Gorilla Cookies is a quality strain for managing physical pain,  Purple Gorilla's high typically creeps up over the course of several minutes. 50) 60 seeds ($621. Instead, this sativa-dominant hybrid is a heavy-duty mood-enhancer (similar to fruity pebbles weed), which provides a relaxing. Its aroma is a sweet fusion of grape, cherr Purple Envy is a genetically purple cannabis seed produced by the Feminised Seeds Company. Gorilla glue has hit the scene strong and people love it. Purple Elephant and Chemdawg Sour Diesel equip this strain with the  Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is certainly one of the latter. nightmare cookies - white nightmare x gsc platinum wedding crashers - wedding cake x purple punch mimosa - clementine x indica purple purple panty dropper - purple haze x oregon grape x mananuskan mist The lineage behind Purple Space Cookies cannabis strain is a bit mysterious. Girl Scout Cookie. Gorilla Glue #4. Originally bred by Joesy Whales, Gorilla Glue #4 won the 2014 Los Angeles High Times Cannabis Cup and is known for it’s insane resin production Purple Gorilla INDICA_DOMINANT. Height: Tall Yield: Good. This is a powerful strain which has 24-27% THC. For an indica-dominant strain, Purple Gorilla provides a rather surprising shot of energy when smoked. Boasting tremendous hybrid vigour, XL yield potential, and up to 20% THC, a combined head-body effect will keep you grinning and giggling from the couch. Strain Profiles Below you will find one of the largest marijuana strain collections on the web, complete with detailed descriptions and high resolution photography. Providing a complex high made up of subtle Sativa kicks and light body-stoned sensations. Royal Gorilla Strain Grow Info. The first strain of weed was sent to planet Earth from Sirius, according to the Mali people of West Africa who were chronicled by Herodotus around 300 BC. White or transparent. Resulting from a cross between Gorilla Glue and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, this sensational hybrid delivers up to 800 g/m² of pungent, resin covered, medical grade cannabis after a flowering period of less than 10 weeks. This cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookie Wreck boasts THC percentages in the mid 20s! Gorilla Cookies is an indica-dominant plant that produces hard, dense buds that are just packed with resin. This plant is a relatively new-school strain that is likely going to take over the market with its rushing and euphoric highs. Pauls Purple Cookies: {Purple Gorilla x Girl Scout Cookie probably} x SFV OG Kush  Because we have both Gorilla Glue #4 and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies in the stable, this seemed like such an obvious cross of two famous strains. It is so sweet that its tastiness may seem eternal, not to mention its amethyst shade and a brilliant shine like no other. It helps manage the symptoms of chronic pain and insomnia, among other health problems. Military Videos Recommended for you Gorilla Cookies Strain Type: Gorilla Cookies Strain is an 40 % Indica and 60 % Sativa cannabis hybrid with THC levels that come up to 21 %. Sapphire CBD - Cherry Thunder Fuck x Canna-Tsu. The kush was created at the Elev8 Seeds company. It has a sweet earthy aroma, enriched with pine and lemon notes. This is not a strain we recommend to a newbie. The grow cycle runs around 70 days and does best with warmer temperatures (think the Mediterranean). Zesty flavors are sweetened by a strong sugary seasoning Jul 10, 2019 · A mix of Grand Daddy Purple and Larry OG, Purple Punch’s potential to create amazing hash has made the sedative strain a hit among regular users and medical patients, while its dense, violet Gorilla Glue Gelato (Indica Dominant Hybrid 85:15) Gorilla Glue Gelato (aka Gelato Glue) is 85% indica and 15% sativa hybrid strain. Original Sensible Seeds have created a euphoric feast of sticky cream cookies with this marijuana variety, new Gorilla Cookies is a potent euphoric banquet of cookie glue ecstasy. We're proud to introduce our own version of the renowned Gorilla Glue #4, world famous and highly acclaimed for its awesome resin production and potent effect. The first signs that the strain is working include a flush i Purple Gorilla is a vibrant hybrid indica that is especially popular all over the West Coast, with the Bay Area serving as a solid fan base for this mysterious strain. It can be grown both indoors and outside, taking around nine to ten weeks to flower, with most plants growing to a medium sized 90cm-100cm. That purple hues becomes more prominent in colder temps, which stimulates pigments known as anthocyanins. Black Gorilla is a hybrid of Gorilla Glue #4 (a potent strain in itself) and Bright Berry so you know it’s gotta be good. 00 $124. Original Glue (GG4): This one used to be the real one and only 'Gorilla Glue'! Original Glue is the 30% THC gooey ganja game-changer you have heard so much about. The Fire Lady Pheno is known for its deep purple color, and high THC Amarillo - Otto. Tropicanna Punch is a combination of our flagship strain, Tropicanna Cookies and a California favorite, Purple Punch. Genetics: Platinum Cookies ♂ (x) Girl Scout Cookies ♀ Strain: Mostly Indica Hybrid. Gorilla Glue #4 x Monster Cookies cannabis strain by Greenpoint Seeds - Gorilla Glue #4 x Monster Cookies: reports, photos, and genetics. Tomahawk is a cross of Josey Wales’ Gorilla Glue #4 and Greenpoint Seed’s own Stardawg male. Greenwolf LA is responsible for this most recent THC superstar. While its father is unknown, what is known is that this indica-dominant strain was created Oct 30, 2015 · Gorilla Glue is an Indica Dominant cross of Sour Dubb and Chem Sister “A few years ago i was growing sour dubb and chem sister and some others, the chem sis threw a couple nanners and hit the sour dubb, i held those seeds for a year or so and finally popped 5 of them, they were ok, really had one nice pheno but i lost it in a security scare, the other 4 pheno’s all hermed on me and totally Purple Lemonade; arising from a meticulous cross between purple and citrus Cali genetics with our own autoflowering genetics, making this Indica leaning hybrid our most advanced purple genetic yet. We use cookies to enable essential features of our site and to help personalize your experience. $3,580. Gorilla Cookies by Elev8 Seeds is the powerful union of Gorilla Glue #4 and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Purple Gorilla, named for its violet, oversized buds, is an indica-dominant strain that originated in the Bay Area of California. Jul 26, 2018 · The resulting strain was super sticky and super potent, and was eventually coined Gorilla Glue. The Purple Urkle Strain’s Genetics Are Highly Debated. With both parent strains bred for potency, expect the high of Gorilla Cookies to be a one-hitter quitter for some. It is sometimes referred to as Purple Urple or The Urkle as well. Grown indoors, hydroponically and organically, by The Cookie Co 415’s mad scientists, this indica hybrid looks phenomenal. Genetics: (ChemSis x NorCal Locations. As is often the case, the precise genetics of the Purple Urkle strain are often debated. The taste and smell of Gorilla Cookies is very strong and unique. The guys at LIWTS have some great stats on GSC. Best Climate For Girl Scout Cookies Weed. XJ-13 Dried: Origin: (According to LEAFY): XJ-13 is a sativa-dominant strain cherished for both its therapeutic potency and enjoyable euphoric buzz. There is only a little Purple Gorilla Weed Strain Info about the history of this strain but some suspect that it has the genes of the original Mendocino Purps in its lineage. Purple CBD - Girl Scout Cookies x Canna-Tsu x Haleigh's Hope. 3% Big BudPurple Urkle Berry, Grape, Skunky, Tropical, Sweet Zkittles Strain (Skittles Weed Strain) 15-23% 0-0. 4G is a cross between Gelato #45 x Gorilla Glue #4 x Girl Scout Cookies. This strain is truly delicious, with a sweet and sour flavour reminiscent of grapes, nuts, and sugar cookies. The strain is a hybrid composed of up to 70% purple with a highly compact as well as a rich resinous bud that your eye can’t help but notice. From Purple OG to Granddaddy Purple and the wildly famous Purple Haze strain, delivered to superstar status by the legendary Jimi Hendrix, purple pot is no less than the holy grail in the eyes of legal growers and cannabis users alike. Purple marijuana strains are fast becoming the must have strains for growers, smokers and seed producers alike. When it does take hold though, it doesn't hold back, sometimes temporarily  Purple Gorilla flowers smell of fresh earth and an array of berries, and its smoke tastes of sweet grapes picked right off the vine. PCG Cookies aka Cup Cookies | PCGC. Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks. Most noteworthy, it has the pungent funk from the Gorilla Glue combined perfectly with the exotic notes of the Thin Mint. Please verify your age to view all of our awesome content! It is known for its signature mix of orange, purple, and dark green an the fuel-like aroma that is reminiscent of the finest OG strains. com Each cannabis nursery has a unique Strain Menu to provide the widest range of genetics for medical marijuana patients in NorCal. Apr 20, 2020 · Purple Gorilla, named for its violet, over sized buds, is an indica-dominant strain that originated in the Bay Area of California. 5% terpenes and 28. Purple Kush is our brand new medical strain fresh from California. Gorilla Glue Strain, also known as “Gorilla Glue #1” or “420 Glue Weed” is an indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through crossing the classic Chocolate Diesel X Sour Diesel strains. SKU: I49-TCE-F Categories: All Marijuana Seeds, Cannabis Seeds USA, Feminized Seeds, Heavy Yield Seeds, High THC Seeds, Hybrid Cannabis Seeds, I49 Marijuana Seeds, Indoor Cannabis Seeds, Outdoor This indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between staple strain Girl Scout Cookies and heavy-hitting Grape Kush. Like this Strain? Jigga’s Orange Gorilla Cookies is likely the best quality strain I’ve ever had and it’s easily within the Top 5 of my All-Time list. The sativa element in Nov 20, 2017 · Buy Purple Kush Seeds Online . 00 Gorilla Glue Feminized. You can expect very dense resin filled flowers with THC levels in Sep 15, 2018 · The strain of GSC or Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid product that is known as a combination of Durban Poison and OG Kush is it includes indica component of OG Kush and sativa of Durban Poison. Gorilla Cookies Taste and Smell. Available at The Cookie CO 415 in San Francisco. Skunk #1 is a very powerful strain, so expect Purple Skunk to be a hard-hitting strain with plenty of kick. OG Kush and Durban Poison combine to create this compelling Indica dominant plant which features compact resinous buds that nessle amidst purple tinged leaves. 05-0. If Marvel Studios created an Avengers cannabis strain this would be it! Glookies™. Seeds Cannabis Seeds. Once the flowers start to develop, it begins to emit a fruity, grapey smell. 00) 50 seeds ($517. Hablamos de una v A cross between Venom OG and Humboldt OG, Venom OG (now renamed Asphalt Plant) is a 50/50 Hybrid strain. Gorilla Punch Strain. Get Feminized Tropicana Cookies Purple 420 seeds for sale online from I49! $125. Purple Punch has a THC content range of around 16-20% with most strains being closer to the upper boundary than the lower. To create Early Gorilla we pollinated the GG#4 clone with our reversed Early Maroc, combining its extremely early flowering with the traits that have made the GG#4 one of the most sought-after strains on the market. Cyan - Viper City x ACDC. The flowers are dense and bright green with protruding bright orange hairs that show purple colors towards the final weeks of flowering. Herbal. The sativa/indica ratio of this sweet, fruity strain is roughly 40:60, making it a good choice for treating insomnia, pain, migraine headaches, and muscle spasms, among other problems. Sep 21, 2017 · The buds look like Girl Scout but are big like the Gorillas, the clubs are blown away by this strain and have passed as straight Girl Scout. Purple Kush is world renowned for its purple leaves and strong high. #purplegorilla. 09 Animal Cookies has a dense flower formation, super frosty with green with purple tips. Enjoy this one-hitter quitter with care, as the effects will alter The Gorilla Glue 4 strain is an up-and-coming strain that’s been making waves among the growing community. The name gorilla glue says it all, because it will have you glued to the couch. Use it with respect whether you need it for relief from the sort of pain which is too much for other strains to handle, the treatment of serious emotional issues such as depression or recreationally for a high which takes you right up into the atmosphere. Genetics: Gorilla Glue #4 x Blue Dream. This strain is named appropriately because — like the delicious cookies — you can just never get enough. This plant delivers intense aromas and flavors ranging from blue sports drink all the way to red fruit punch concentrate. The chocolate diesel strain and chem’s sister create a strong offspring. Gorilla Cookies feminised cannabis seeds are another USA West Coast inspired show piece starring Gorilla Glue # 4 and Do-Si-Dos OG. Purple Gorilla Weed Strain is 50% Sativa /50% Indica THC: 17% - 18%. Click on the View Srain Menu links to determine which genetics are available near you. The Gorilla Grapes strain is known for positive and negative effects Gorilla Glue gives users both a smell and taste that's reminiscent of coffee and mocha notes. Oct 29, 2019 · The fourth numbered phenotype, the Gorilla Glue #4 strain is noticeably sativa leaning. Rainbow CBD - CBD Blend. Call or Text Us: (858) 740-1369 Email Us: norcal@strainbank. 28% THC. The high medicinal properties of this strain make it an ideal choice for medical marijuana users. CBD 0,03%. For an indica-dominant strain,  Gorilla Cookies es un híbrido entre la marihuana Monster Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies x Grandaddy Purple) y la marihuana Gorilla Glue #4, uniendo lo mejor de  Purple Gorilla Hybrids & Crossbreeds. The flavor of this strain is unique as it tastes earthy and like berry chocolate. Gorilla Glue#4 with Cookies and Cream, creates a sweet earthy flavor with a pungent overtone. They are also required to include “formerly known as” when describing any of their products using “Gorilla” in the name. I came across this particular batch of the Platinum Cookies strain on my recent trip to Buds and Roses Collective. Dec 05, 2018 · If Purple Thai isn’t one of the forefathers (or mothers) of modern cannabis, it’s just one generation behind. We use cookies to enable essential Gorilla Cookies is an absolute beast of a cannabis strain. When trying to understand your medicine, it’s best not to guess on the real strain names. Sativa/Indica % Flowering Period. Learn more about our use of cookies in our Cookie Policy and  Enjoy this one-hitter quitter with care, as the effects will alter the trajectory of your entire day. It provides cerebral freedom from the likes of stress, anxiety, and depression, all the while sending pleasurable stimulation. Indica Weed Strains Picture Strain THC Content CBD Content Origin / Lineage Aromas / Flavors Grand Daddy Purp Strain (Grandaddy Purple) 17-23% 0. Girl Scout Cookies. Gorilla Glue marijuana seeds are a highly popular choice for both indoor and outdoor growers, and are one of the latest additions to our feminized seeds collection. As the child of these heavyweight champion strains, Blueberry Cookies delivers a crushing blow of euphoria straight to the head, where it swiftly sinks down to relax the entire body. ILGM’s Gorilla Glue strain is a great grow for everyone, beginner and expert alike. Original Breeder: Unknown SF Bay Area breeder. Then there are hints of how a bad Salisbury steak frozen dinner smells emanating from the  28 Mar 2018 PURPLE GORILLA SUPA FIREEE. Due to its strong earthy and pungent smell, it is always grown indoors. At 20% THC, this strain isn't as potent as other boutique strains such as Wedding Cake and Original Glue, but it is still fairly strong. 01-0. Animal Cookies cannabis strain is an excellent cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG that will leave you wanting more. Strain name: Purple Punch Gram – $ 8 USD Eighth – $ 25 USD Quarter – $ 50 USD Half – $ 80 USD Ounce – $ 150 USD: Vendor: Wild West Emporium – SE Duke St Portland, Oregon, USA Strain name: Purple Punch – The Heights Co. I’ve covered this strain on a number of occasions. This strain perfectly balances feelings of Gorilla Cookies. She was a cross between Purple haze, Purple power plant, 1983 GDP, Lavender, and Purple Urkle. It is combination of Chocolate Diesel and Sour Diesel. This strain is a perfect blend of its parent strains that treats both Sativa and Indica lovers kindly. The flower of Purple Space Cookies marijuana strain tends to be purple with a sweet grape-like aroma. Her former title “Gorilla Glue” rests in peace with Harambe. 01% Grape ApeGrapefruit Sweet, Berry, Grape, Lemon, Cirtus Dosido Strain (Do Si Do PARENT STRAIN INFO: Garanimals strain is a cross between Grape Pie and Animal Cookies. Ah, a close relative of mine that originated in the Bay Area. Apr 02, 2020 · Apparently, its high is confusing in the sense that some consumers have a difficulty in figuring out the whether it is the Sativa or Indica side kicking in. Military Videos Recommended for you Discover Purple Gorilla weed and read reviews of the effects and feelings cannabis consumers report from this marijuana strain. This strain (and grow) deserves your utmost respect ! I’m serious. The deep purple colors may not have any bearing on the psychoactive traits, but it is nonetheless stunning to look at. The complex parentage blessed Gorilla Cookies with a strong pungent aroma. Another Cannabis Cup winner, reigning supreme in 2014 over the other hybrid Gorilla Butter is a hybrid by combining Gorilla Glue #4 x Peanut Butter Breath (OGKB X DosiDos Cookies) Aka: Monkey Butter. Purple Punch is the sweet and sedating union of two indica-dominant classics. If you like things a little funky, it's time to get down & dirty with one of The Gorilla's lush Purple Strains! These beauties are much more than eye candy, they're packed with all the good stuff from amazing power to monster yields to intense flavour. Which is precisely why so many go to extreme lengths to get hold of the stuff, or produce Mar 21, 2018 · This strain is a maximum-THC mix of Royal Cookies, Royal Gorilla, and ruderalis genetics. Platinum Cookies matures relatively quickly at 8-10 weeks which is slightly faster than average for such a potent strain. History of Purple Gorilla strain. It is a good strain for both outdoors as well as indoors where it finishes flowering in 9 4G is a cross between Gelato #45 x Gorilla Glue #4 x Girl Scout Cookies. raspberry cough * (specialty strain) - 65 days . Gorilla OG is a hybrid strain as a result of the cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and OG Kush. Gorilla Glue Weed #4 is a very strong strain of cannabis that is mainly grown in Colorado. Gorilla Punch brings together two extremely popular clone-only cultivars. Purple Kush has a rich color of greens and purples. Growing Gorilla Glue Seeds. Tropicana Cookies Purple Feminized Seeds. 21 to 23 ounces per square meter. This is an Indica dominate hybrid. Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks. 31% THC. Combining the best of two powerhouse strains in their own right Gorilla Cookies is the fresh cross of the Gorilla Glue #4 and Thin Mint Cookies strains. The review below is on some organic KFC-grown GG4, and you will find links and videos below to other videos covering this strain. HH Red - Haleigh's Hope. It is very high yielding and extremely frosty – a perfect plant to Gorilla Cookies by Elev8 Seeds is the powerful union of Gorilla Glue #4 and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Flavica (I) Theraplant Flavica (I) Purple Buddha x Girl Scout Cookies . It is easily recognizable by its spade Gorilla Cookies This strain was created to treat those with chronic pain, poor appetite and stress, but not so for new smokers due to its potency. Purple weed has always been the stuff of legends on a global basis. Gruva (S) Theraplant Gruva (S) Citrus Sap (Gorilla Glue #4 x Tangerine) Gwyniva (H) Theraplant Gwyniva (H) Aj's Sour Diesel x The White Gorilla Punch is an indica strain , This strain's genetics include:Fruit Punch, and Gorilla Glue #4. The other popular member of the Gorilla Glue family is the hybrid Gorilla Glue #5, which blends Gorilla Glue #1 and #4. Gorilla Glue has a strong aroma of diesel. Please spread the word if you like CTS. It is a cross between perennial favorite Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG. The Cola's have a tight bud structure that stack well giving growers the quality high yield they are looking for. Oct 10, 2017 · The Biscotti strain is a Cookies classic crossed a southern OG strain: Gelato #25 and South Florida OG, aka Triangle Kush. With chunky, conical, trichome covered buds, the Gorilla Glue 4 strain flowers for around 60 (Purple Punch x Tropicanna Cookies) Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks Yield: Medium. It’s a 50/50 hybrid, meaning it has the potential to produce both sativa and indica effects ranging from energy and inspiration to bodily The name Gorilla Glue #4 should give you an immediate hint that this strain is seriously strong. Gorilla glue #4 is a powerful hybrid that is split at 50/50. View Strain Menu. Compare up to 5 different strains at one time. Gorilla Glue 4 x Sour Sunset – Indica Hybrid – 55 days – Maine Clone Company. LA Cookies (LA Affie x Girl Scout Cookies) – Indica Hybrid – 55 days – The Cali Connection. Forget about the 17-28% THC. The Purple Urkle strain is a clone-only variety of cannabis that has skyrocketed in popularity since the 1980s. This indica dominant hybrid is also known for providing stress and anxiety relief. x Deadhead) – Sativa Hybrid – 55 days – Cali Connection. Purple Gorilla has very high levels of CBC, which is why patien Mar 23, 2020 · Girl Scout Cookies is a flavorful and potent cannabis strain that has quickly become the go-to strain for beginners and long-time users alike. It’s the potent amount one would expect from any cannabis strain that is the child of Gorilla Glue 4. Gorilla Glue #4 Effects. Named after the song by Jimi Hendrix in 1967, this potent hybrid is ideal for treating anxiety, depression, migraines, PTSD and stress. #tropicannapunch Buy Purple Punch Online. Zircon - CBD Mango. Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks. Flowering Time is 8-9 Weeks. 3) Black Gorilla. Royal Gorilla cannabis strain is great for daytime use. purple gorilla cookies strain

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